Excursions & Incursions

We offer a range of programs for children and families under our forest schooling pedagogy including

0-5yr playgroups
3-6yr Nature Play (drop off)
Bush School 5-14yrs
After school programs
Holiday programs
Family camps
Adult nature immersion

This allows them to develop their interests and abilities through practical hands on experiences.


    We at Bush Magic Adventures are delighted to invite you to participate in our outdoor education program for 2024.

    We are based on Mount Keira and offer experiences that will help your students meet multiple syllabus outcomes.

    Our pedagogy is grounded in a swiftly growing body of research that supports learning outdoors, and our goal is to connect kids and classrooms with nature while providing them with exciting educational experiences. We have even done all the legwork for you!

    This program has been developed by, and is run by, qualified teaching staff that are hoping to take some of the pressure out of your lesson planning for the coming term.

    Documents to streamline the organisation of an excursion with us, such as risk assessments and activity overviews, are available upon request.


    Please email us



    To request the booking form and other curriculum documents


    If you have any additional questions or requirements, please do not hesitate to organise a consultation with one of our friendly staff.