About Us

We offer a range of programs for children and families under our forest schooling pedagogy including

0-5yr playgroups
3-6yr Nature Play (drop off)
Bush School 5-14yrs
After school programs
Holiday programs
Family camps
Adult nature immersion

This allows them to develop their interests and abilities through practical hands on experiences.

At Bush Magic, we believe it is a children’s right to explore and adventure in nature, to play freely, to engage in the important work of childhood – play. We also understand the huge benefit that children gain over having mastery over their world, being trusted and feeling capable to take risks, knowing that they will need to experience the consequences of their actions, learning about their world and how to live in it and look after it.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in respect for the individual and for the world we live in. Children are trusted to explore and learn what they want and need to learn and given support and resources to learn on their own terms. Relationships and connections are at the centre of our philosophy. Connections to each other, to the world around, to the plants and animals we come into contact with and to the wider community. We aim to inspire children to become life long learners who appreciate and care for their natural world and each other.

Without the ability to feel connected and part of a community, a safe base from which to launch themselves into the world, children become isolated, mental health, physical health and emotional wellbeing suffers and the results are not good for anyone. We are seeing this in the skyrocketing rates of mental illness in children and adults.

Play in nature has so many benefits – physical, emotional and cognitive. This area is well researched with more evidence coming out to support its importance all the time. At Bush Magic Adventures, children are given the freedom to explore and the support to learn and develop. Connections to nature and to each other are fostered and children not only benefit but they thrive in this environment. We believe that everyone has something to offer, we are all valuable and can have a role in the community. Children who may never have experienced success in other group settings are valued and given the chance to find and express their skills and talents. We strive to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging and what it means to be part of a community.

Bush Magic Adventures was founded in 2022 by Simone and Katrina, 2 local mums with backgrounds and qualifications in outdoor education, teaching and school counselling. Combining their love of the bush and spending time in nature, and armed with a combined 40 years experience working with children, they set up Bush Magic Adventures initially to cater to the growing number of homeschooled children and recognition that nature play and self directed learning is beneficial and valuable for all children.

The program quickly grew from a small bush school program to including offerings such as playgroup, 3-6 year old bush play, after school, school holiday, leadership, family camps and school excursions. All our programs have the same underlying philosophy deeply based in respect for each other and for nature.